Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby ear thermometer - baby digital thermometer

During my baby monthly checkup, the paedatrician checks on:-a. baby weight
b. baby height
c. head circumference

These data are then charted against the growth charts of newborns & toddlers (different charts for baby girls and baby boys). This allows my parents to know that i am growing well and in my month 2 checkup  yesterday, i've already gained 2 kgs, meaning i'm now over 5kg (no wonder my mom is saying i'm getting heavier & heavier haha)

Then of course, the difficult part was to get my baby immunization and in total i received 2 injections for various protections, and also the consumed rotavirus medicine too. As predicted by the doctor, most babies will experience slight fever after receiving the injections and if my temperature is above 37.5 celcius, then it's time to get 10ml of paracetemol (for kids, there's a liquid type)
- there's even a medicine syringe dispenser which my mom purchased at the hospital pharmacy (accurately measures how much medicine the baby will be consuming)

Some available medicine syringe dispenser includes these:-

The paediatrician mentioned that if the baby is using a pacifier, then the 3rd one above (pacificier medicine dispenser) can be a good choice, but lucky for me.. i'm not on the baby pacifier.

I use a digital ear thermometer, Made in Japan and that is super easy to use compared to some which are to be placed under the armpit, or at "other" body parts. With just 2 pushes (including on/off button), my temperature is shown accurately after the machine churns out a small beep.

Here are some alternatives that i have found in the market. Though there are cheaper thermometer alternatives, with an active baby who is swinging left and right, it's more worthwhile to have an accurate and effective digital thermometer like these below...

Yes, i started having fever within hours after the "painful" injections and i've taken 2 doses of medicine so far ( 6 hours apart in the consumption of baby liquid panadol if the fever recovers) and hopefully, i'll get well soon.

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  1. i bought a baby ear thermometer a few days ago and i like so much because the qualith is so good