Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to choose baby girl names & baby boy names

Nearly all new parents will argue on how to choose the best baby name for their new baby girl or baby boy. Even if the name was agreed upon, the spelling of the name is another discussion. While my mom choose my name as Aice Lau which has the meaning of :-
Aice - Ai sounds like love (chinese) while the 2nd part ice, which also means bling bling = jewelry

My chinese name is 刘昕瑜 ,which means Rising Dawn (early morning) and Flawless Jade. In the chinese culture, especially in places like Hong Kong, it's common to seek the advice of the fengshui expert to choose the best names for the baby, based on the date of birth of the parents and the newborn. My name was choosen by my parents after consulting one of the top Hong Kong fengshui master. He came up with different variations, and based on a selected number of strokes, then the name's point is high on the fengshui friendly names.  The price for a face to face personal consultation varies according to which fengshui expert

In Malaysia, choosing a baby name is a lot cheaper, with as low as RM80 only but this is also depending on which malaysia fengshui master is consulted. The alternative is online, where you can consult the popular So Man Fung, hong kong fengshui expert for HK$1,800 via the online form at his website (no chance to meet him in person then)

Here are more tips:-
1. Easy to read & spell
- get different people to pronounce the name, and check if the name sounds as nice as you wanted

2. Check the initials of the name eg Amanda Selina Saint, so it'll be AS* which is not a good initial to have

3. Try combining the names of the spouses to create a NEW name, out of this world, and remember to buy the domain for the baby's name like mine - http://www.aicelau.com/
- buy the .com online at http://www.freedomainsregistration.com/ to get the name instantly for your baby

In the meantime, you can even review these baby name books for ideas

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