Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby shower party vs Full Moon Baby Party

In Asia, it's typical to throw a full moon party for the newborn's arrival within the 1st month of the baby's birth while in Western cultures, the baby shower party is popular for celebrating the upcoming arrival of the baby by rewarding the Mommy. Being a newborn, i think it is great to have both baby shower party and full moon baby party.

For instance, there should be a them for the baby shower, be it florals, or polka dots or even based on a hobby that the new mom has. Being a first time mom, i know that my mommy is ecstatic but also nervous so a new mommy advice eCard like below would be a great help to soothe her.

These are wonderful baby shower gifts and presents for the new mom's party. It's a way to reward her before the newborn arrives and by then, the new mother will hardly have anytime for herself.

Have you thought of buying the baby shower gift for the future dad? Cos there is no baby shower party for fathers, only for moms so a nice kit like below will be great for the new dad. To make it easy for the new parents, a gift for the newborn is always welcomed but choose something unique like the Night Owl blanket with baby hat below.. an interesting fashion statement for babies!

Still can't decide on the baby shower party games or the baby shower favors? Take a look at

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