Sunday, September 11, 2011

Learning how to sit... babies don't like to lie down flat... wonder when i can sit up straight

Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet marketing baby is 3 months old now. Just started drinking milk powder... so which is more nutritious? Mom's milk or milk powder?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best toddler thermometer & baby syringe dispenser reviews

Baby ear thermometer - baby digital thermometer

During my baby monthly checkup, the paedatrician checks on:-a. baby weight
b. baby height
c. head circumference

These data are then charted against the growth charts of newborns & toddlers (different charts for baby girls and baby boys). This allows my parents to know that i am growing well and in my month 2 checkup  yesterday, i've already gained 2 kgs, meaning i'm now over 5kg (no wonder my mom is saying i'm getting heavier & heavier haha)

Then of course, the difficult part was to get my baby immunization and in total i received 2 injections for various protections, and also the consumed rotavirus medicine too. As predicted by the doctor, most babies will experience slight fever after receiving the injections and if my temperature is above 37.5 celcius, then it's time to get 10ml of paracetemol (for kids, there's a liquid type)
- there's even a medicine syringe dispenser which my mom purchased at the hospital pharmacy (accurately measures how much medicine the baby will be consuming)

Some available medicine syringe dispenser includes these:-

The paediatrician mentioned that if the baby is using a pacifier, then the 3rd one above (pacificier medicine dispenser) can be a good choice, but lucky for me.. i'm not on the baby pacifier.

I use a digital ear thermometer, Made in Japan and that is super easy to use compared to some which are to be placed under the armpit, or at "other" body parts. With just 2 pushes (including on/off button), my temperature is shown accurately after the machine churns out a small beep.

Here are some alternatives that i have found in the market. Though there are cheaper thermometer alternatives, with an active baby who is swinging left and right, it's more worthwhile to have an accurate and effective digital thermometer like these below...

Yes, i started having fever within hours after the "painful" injections and i've taken 2 doses of medicine so far ( 6 hours apart in the consumption of baby liquid panadol if the fever recovers) and hopefully, i'll get well soon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby full moon gifts to expect - clothes, clothes and more clothes so don't overstock for your newborns yet... wait for the presents
How did you choose your baby name? Any regrets?
How to choose best baby name -

How to choose baby girl names & baby boy names

Nearly all new parents will argue on how to choose the best baby name for their new baby girl or baby boy. Even if the name was agreed upon, the spelling of the name is another discussion. While my mom choose my name as Aice Lau which has the meaning of :-
Aice - Ai sounds like love (chinese) while the 2nd part ice, which also means bling bling = jewelry

My chinese name is 刘昕瑜 ,which means Rising Dawn (early morning) and Flawless Jade. In the chinese culture, especially in places like Hong Kong, it's common to seek the advice of the fengshui expert to choose the best names for the baby, based on the date of birth of the parents and the newborn. My name was choosen by my parents after consulting one of the top Hong Kong fengshui master. He came up with different variations, and based on a selected number of strokes, then the name's point is high on the fengshui friendly names.  The price for a face to face personal consultation varies according to which fengshui expert

In Malaysia, choosing a baby name is a lot cheaper, with as low as RM80 only but this is also depending on which malaysia fengshui master is consulted. The alternative is online, where you can consult the popular So Man Fung, hong kong fengshui expert for HK$1,800 via the online form at his website (no chance to meet him in person then)

Here are more tips:-
1. Easy to read & spell
- get different people to pronounce the name, and check if the name sounds as nice as you wanted

2. Check the initials of the name eg Amanda Selina Saint, so it'll be AS* which is not a good initial to have

3. Try combining the names of the spouses to create a NEW name, out of this world, and remember to buy the domain for the baby's name like mine -
- buy the .com online at to get the name instantly for your baby

In the meantime, you can even review these baby name books for ideas

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best celebrity newborn baby full moon party celebration - marinara spaghetti, salmon, pancakes, ice cream for launch

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Youngest celebrity baby blog at to review best baby products, baby fashion trends

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Help Like Internet Marketing Baby Aice Lau on Facebook at
Newborn baby Aice Lau's first post online to varioous social media sites... so i'm gonna be a social media marketing baby

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby shower party vs Full Moon Baby Party

In Asia, it's typical to throw a full moon party for the newborn's arrival within the 1st month of the baby's birth while in Western cultures, the baby shower party is popular for celebrating the upcoming arrival of the baby by rewarding the Mommy. Being a newborn, i think it is great to have both baby shower party and full moon baby party.

For instance, there should be a them for the baby shower, be it florals, or polka dots or even based on a hobby that the new mom has. Being a first time mom, i know that my mommy is ecstatic but also nervous so a new mommy advice eCard like below would be a great help to soothe her.

These are wonderful baby shower gifts and presents for the new mom's party. It's a way to reward her before the newborn arrives and by then, the new mother will hardly have anytime for herself.

Have you thought of buying the baby shower gift for the future dad? Cos there is no baby shower party for fathers, only for moms so a nice kit like below will be great for the new dad. To make it easy for the new parents, a gift for the newborn is always welcomed but choose something unique like the Night Owl blanket with baby hat below.. an interesting fashion statement for babies!

Still can't decide on the baby shower party games or the baby shower favors? Take a look at

Baby Full Moon Party Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My parents have just planned my baby full moon party in KL with a western theme, rather than the sit down chinese dinner. I'm excited to see family members, and friends as it'll be the first time i'm seeing them!

We've even created an online invitation card for this 1 month gathering party, so it's my full moon party eCard designed by team at

There's even an online version at