Thursday, October 22, 2015

Learning Chinese for Kids - 4 years old mandarin flash cards

It's so easy for kids to learn languages and one of the most popular programs for babies is how to learn Chinese (should be how to learn Mandarin for children).

I've just started about 2 weeks and my parents were surprised that i'm able to recognise at least 20 words in Chinese via flash cards after my Chinese class for kids. Here is my sharing of the new Chinese words I've learnt and I hope that your kids will also benefit through happy learning!
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baby yoga for busy yoga loving mommies

After becoming a mommy, many women are struggling for time yet mommies are still expected to be fashionable and healthy.

Yoga for women is an exercise that you can practise anywhere, anytime and great for busy moms.

You can even start doing baby yoga with your toddler, like how we can do stretching exercises at home with your little baby.

Check out baby Aice with her baby yoga exercise even when she was just 2.5 months and subscribe to her baby video channel at

Baby photography ideas

A baby changes nearly each month and these are moments that are once-in-a-lifetime therefore parents should get baby monthly photo shoots if possible.

Rather than just self taken photos on your mobile phone, it would be great to invest to wonderful photo studio sessions in your local city.

Popular baby photo studios in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia include
1. The Picture Company with photo studio branches in KLCC, 1 Utama, MidValley Gardens and more
- buy 1 year membership that comes with free photo sessions but you will need to purchase the digital files and baby photo print outs separately
- Good bonus is the FREE birthday month photo studio shooting and 1 free photo for the birthday person (can nominate a few people to share this account, eg dad, mum, siblings, grandparents)
- Good points : good choices of background, baby costumes, and instant choosing of photos after the session
- Improvements needed : speed of photos delivery, and had to return to studio a couple of times as some big photo frames ordered was not up to quality, due to problems with suppliers (outsourced printing)

2. KiddieLab at Kota Damansara
- very popular photo studio that has many Groupon, group buy promotions so you should check on this before you approach them directly at higher rates

3. De One at Sri Hartamas
- quiet photo studio and many choices of baby costumes. The photographers are quite patient with the babies and have many cute head accessories to dress up your kids with matching background e.g. seaside background has seashells, pearl strands, while your baby girl can be dressed in mermaid's costume
- starts from about RM388

Apart from studio baby photo shoots, you should get OUTDOOR photo shooting by freelance photographers or company photographers, especially at swimming pools, and parks which brings out the best of your child's playful character
- set the appointment at a suitable time (not near the baby's naptime) and prepare several costumes and have parents or family members be in part of the photo shoots.
- bring along snacks and toys to entertain your kids

Happy Baby Photography!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Toddler play group in Mont Kiara, Bangsar, MidValley

Kids are getting more intelligent nowadays, and learning fast so parents are rushing to send their babies to the latest baby learning centres to make sure that their babies will have the competitive edge too.

My mummy does the same and here are some of the feedback of the baby classes for babies about 12 months / 1 year old.

Heguru - MidValley shopping mall (you need to pay a fee of about RM100 for the trial class where the baby and the mom / dad will be placed in a room with 3 other babies. The teacher would be talking superfast and mumble terms in English and even Japanese as this is a Japanese baby learning program. The prices of the classes vary accordingly to either weekday or weekend. This seems not so suitable for younger babies and better suited for kids about 2 years old or more.

Gymboree Kids Center - available in many outlets including the Publika in Mont Kiara, Bangsar Village 1, Tropicana Shopping Mall. Classes include play gym where toddlers and babies are asked to perform various tasks such as going through tunnels, climbing up the stairs, and going down the slides. All parents / guardians need to wear socks while babies will be barefoot. They even have music classes and this is done in a room. For this class, it is more tiring for parents as you will need to lift your babies throughout the songs, dancing, so good for burning up the extra pregnancy fat. Sign up for the free trial class of their playgroup!

TweedleWink - Bandar Damansara Perdana, my cousin sister joined this for about 3 months when she was just about 12 months old but her mommy mentioned this was quite similar to HeGuru but more based on American baby learning method. This center does not allow any trial classes so you have to join instantly after the consultation. Babies below 2 years old might find it hard to concentrate and seemed more interested in the "other" babies in the class rather than the instructor's teaching.

Another very popular baby learning program is the Shichida method which has 2 centers - Wisma Lim Foo Yong in KL and Bandar Utama Centrepoint but most of the calls to this center are unanswered and having a long waiting time. We preregistered with them 1 year ago and till now, there was no reply (they mentioned there is a 6 months waiting period for their classes) and how we wish there would be more centers.

After 18 months, there will be more choices for baby and toddler learning classes. Rather than forced in many types of classes, babies should be allowed to just be themselves and play. Cos as they grow older there are still many years of classes to attend but you only get to be a baby 1 time!

News updated by my mommy, Fione Tan during her visit to Hanoi, Vietnam

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Learning how to sit... babies don't like to lie down flat... wonder when i can sit up straight

Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet marketing baby is 3 months old now. Just started drinking milk powder... so which is more nutritious? Mom's milk or milk powder?